Building an Insight-Driven Strategy Out of a Culture that Truly Resonates


Align your business align your brand

If your brand isn’t aligned, nothing is. Together for the long haul Piper Jaffray has successfully ridden the financial industry rollercoaster for 120+ years. But as the focus of private client services changed to investment banking, their brand did not.

Unearthing The Insights On What Matters Most

Our proprietary research methodology dove deep into what sets Piper Jaffray apart from its Wall Street competitors. Our findings led to a distinct culture through which Piper Jaffray embraces its Midwestern ethics. And perhaps most telling: the empowerment of employees to serve their client’s interests first, even if it means advising them to hold or pass on a deal.

Creating Purpose From Partnership

As SCHERMER developed brand strategy, one core value distinguished Piper Jaffray: partnership. We discovered that no financial institution had built its brand on partnership. We even crafted it into a tagline: Realize the Power of Partnership.

Inspired expression

SCHERMER modernized the entire Piper Jaffray design system. Bold headlines. Stylish graphic elements. Warm, candid images of trusted relationships at work replaced tired mountain visuals—showing that Piper Jaffray is filled with passionate experts.

A brave step forward

Embracing their brand of partnership is a brave step that sharply differentiates the firm. Anticipation buzzed weeks before the launch. The main comment? “Sure hope it says something about working together.” It does, and so much more.

Brand Strategy + Positioning

Marketing Collateral

Pitch Book Design

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