Helping Honeywell Kickoff a Buyer-Driven Combustion Revolution


From Complexity To Simplicity

SLATE is an integrated replacement for combustion control panels – the part of a system that looks like a jumbled box of wires. With SLATE, what used to be complex is now streamlined. But how do you introduce a product in an industry that hasn’t seen a major innovation in decades?

Showing Versus Telling

To challenge the status quo, we needed to convince customers that SLATE offered a better, faster way to design and engineer combustion solutions. Our approach was to create an experience that juxtaposed their current process with the process using SLATE, helping them see the value of a change in the context of the familiar.

Distilling Information Brings Greater Value

Instead of overwhelming users with product features, we simplified the information architecture and distilled SLATE’s business value into high-impact messages. Dynamic animation sequences demonstrate SLATE’s modular design, while parallax effects and large-scale images add visual interest.


Hello, New Customers

The site received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Our client remarked, “The tools SCHERMER developed have helped open the door with customers we’ve never had access to before.” And Honeywell’s VP of Global Marketing said, “It’s official. You guys have made combustion sexy.”

Watch the case story here:

Product naming
Mobile-optimized microsite
Product launch

Interactive demo
Configuration app
Internal campaign launch

Sales presentation
Digital sales tool
System collateral
Product launch collateral

Need to engage your customers, but not sure how to reach them? We'd love to help.

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