Becoming Story-Driven to Redefine Relevance in the New FinTech Space


Expanding beyond a legacy

Nearly anyone who’s written a check knows the name Deluxe. Deluxe had worked steadily over the past 20+ years to expand beyond checks with a portfolio of technologies and services for financial institutions. But the industry stubbornly equated Deluxe with checks. We needed to go beyond and make them relevant to 21st-century financial institutions.

If they only knew the truth

To overcome existing perceptions, we had to understand them. Conducting a proprietary brand workshop, we interviewed stakeholders, customers, and industry analysts to glean insights and opportunities. We found that people loved Deluxe—no problem there. They just didn’t know they offered products they would find valuable. The approach was clear: Tell the truth—a new story that emphasized the value of their actual offering—one that no competitor could equal.

Redefining the future by understanding the past

Building upon 100 years of Deluxe brand equity, we retooled the brand to make it relevant and contemporary. First, we developed a brand personality and tone of voice that captured Deluxe’s working relationship with its clients. Collaborative and trustworthy. Inventive and practical. Expert and confident. But never the ‘know-it-all’. We crystallized this into the key brand message: Deluxe helps financial institutions turn relationships into revenue. Visually, we brought this to life by with an identity system based on the Deluxe “D” called The Connection Steam—which characterized the inter-connected relationship between people, products, technology and services working in harmony.


Reenergized for the journey ahead

We rolled the new brand strategy, messaging and identity out across all areas of the division, from tradeshows to the Deluxe Exchange conference, signage and website, leading UI design and content strategy. The homepage headline perfectly introduces their new brand: Deluxe helps you add value through every step of the customer journey. By working with SCHERMER, Deluxe is set up to be an ever-more relevant brand ready to nurture profitable relationships well into the next century.


Research + Insights
Brand Strategy + Positioning
Brand Voice

Brand Identity
Image Guidelines
Marketing Collateral

UX Design
Content Strategy

Are you competing with misconceptions of your brand in the marketplace? Is it time to change the conversation?

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