Social-Driven Campaign Turns Professional Product into Passion Purchase


Inspiring the next generation of brand loyalty

3M™ Littmann® Stethoscopes has been a strong brand in the medical marketplace for more than 50 years. But with long-term medical professionals retiring, they needed to inspire the same level of brand loyalty and enthusiasm among emerging medical professionals.

Shift positioning to better match the buyer

Our proprietary research showed us the next generation is concerned less about status and more about serving causes, belonging to a group, and expressing their personalities. This led us to a new strategy: Transform Littmann stethoscopes from a professional product into a passion purchase by shifting the brand from a status symbol to a brand of achievement and personal expression. We reached out on Facebook, Twitter, mobile and the web with buyer-driven content and conversations.

Creating buyer-focused campaigns

We energized enthusiasm for the brand with a buyer-focused engagement campaign. Buyers were invited to share their stories on how their Littmann stethoscopes are part of both their profession and lives. For the 2014 holiday season, we created a custom Facebook app allowing users to “Drop the Hint” that they want a Littmann stethoscope. They could select a scope and post their request to Facebook where loved ones can easily click the post and buy.


Engagement makes the heart grow fonder

In the social campaign’s first quarter, total reach tripled. The Facebook gift-giving app spiked both total reach and engaged users at critical periods throughout the holiday season with several hundred positive comments, hundreds of requests posted, and as many sales. Followers and comments are up substantially since the campaign started. Product reviews and social sentiment show increased engagement among new Littmann stethoscope enthusiasts.

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Brand Strategy + Positioning

Social Media
Social Media Marketing
Demand Generation

App Development

Is your current brand positioning costing you the next generation of customers?

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