Humanizing a commoditized industry


Open more doors with a future-focused brand

When global adhesives manufacturer H.B. Fuller decided to expand beyond their core business after 125 years, they realized their product-focused brand position spoke to their past and not their future. They needed a differentiated position that elevated employee commitment and opened the door for more conversations with customers.


Aligning to what matters most

We wanted to ensure alignment by shifting H.B. Fuller’s focus from what they make to why and build a brand that’s meaningful to buyers. Through VOC and analyst research, SCHERMER learned that while competitors are driven to sell products, H.B. Fuller is driven to solve problems.

A human connection you can stand by

The brand position we developed, “Connecting what matters,” hints at the process of bonding two surfaces together while emphasizing the role H.B. Fuller plays in helping customers get their products to market. SCHERMER leveraged the “connection” concept to refresh the visual identity, using a colorful system and bright photography to represent the connections H.B. Fuller enables every day.


Telling a powerful story

By using storytelling rather than product selling, we helped H.B. Fuller create meaning with a purpose-based, buyer-driven brand. Customers say, “It’s not just focused on their products, like all the other adhesives companies.” Another remarked, “It’s perfect. It goes farther and touches on the human connections.”

Watch the full story here:

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