40 people. One purpose.
Lead our clients from relevance to revenue.

First, we put on our relevance hat. And find unique, motivating ways that your brand can connect with the buyer. Next, we put on our revenue hat. To identify and prioritize the revenue opportunities. Then we bridge your relevance to buyer revenue. Every day. This is what we do. So, yeah. We have some good hat hair at SCHERMER.

One of the best-of-the-best in B-to-B

Since 1997, we've been doing B2B better. But don't just take our word for it.

“Again, your team has been amazing. We've been very pleased with the team members, quality and creativity of the work. This has been one of the best partnerships for ECO in my five years.”

Global Executive Director


“Everyone (including myself) is excited about the work you're doing. You're showing us that B2B can be sexy, and I have no doubt that will continue to open doors for you.”

VP, MarCom


“SCHERMER is an organization that will exceed your expectations, as it did mine. We had an RFP out that SCHERMER participated in. While they were the incumbent, we brought in 3 additional agencies to the final proposal stage. It was my expectation that these larger, national firms would simply outshine SCHERMER. However, I was wrong. The SCHERMER proposal was not only imensely creative and rooted in fact, but it also best leveraged the strengths of our organization.”

Director of Marketing


“As a B2B marketing agency, SCHERMER understands the complex relationships between a manufacturer, the channel and customers. As we developed campaigns to engage prospects and create pull, SCHERMER ensured that my sales team and distribution partners were supported with compelling content that they could actually use.”

Global MarCom Director


“I really believe this collective team … is doing some of the best work in this organization.”

Global MarCom Manager



With capabilities in research + analytics, branding + go-to-market, digital + content marketing, and UX + UI, our team of B2B experts can help you discover buyer and market insights, define differentiating GTM strategy, develop compelling content and campaigns, design engaging sales and digital experiences, and deliver real results.


SCHERMER is a member of MAGNET (Marketing and Advertising Global Network), an alliance of 40+ independent agencies worldwide. With our formalized partnerships and practices, we can tap into expanded expertise and provide regional support for our many global clients.

How we turn relevance to revenue

We solve complex problems by combining and applying brand, demand and digital expertise to create more relevant, measurable buyer-driven expereinces.


Market + VOC Research
Brand Awareness Studies
Brand Positioning
Brand Strategy + Identity
Messaging + Naming
Go-To-Market + Product Launch Strategy
Brand Experience Design
Employee Brand Campaigns


Content Strategy + Creation
Content Marketing
Demand + Lead Gen Programs
Product Launches
Thought Leadership Programs
Direct + Email Marketing
Sales Support + Collateral


Connection Strategy + Management
Application Development
UX Strategy + UI Design
Video + Motion Graphics
Demos + Interactive Tools
Social Marketing + Media Management
Sales + Channel Enablement

Wearing the leadership hat

Chris Schermer


B2B is in his DNA. Since founding SCHERMER in 1997, Chris has helped world leading B2B companies activate their brands to reach active buyers. As a unique and respected leader in the B2B space, you can find him inspiring his company and clients with the latest trends while defining best practices for them.

Connect with Chris on LinkedIn >

Jen Alstead


With 15+ years of experience managing large-scale user-focused digital initiatives for clients such as BMW, Nikon, Microsoft, 3M and Honeywell, Jen can artfully manage complex projects and multiple teams. She helps ensure SCHERMER consistently run like a well-oiled machine. If we didn’t know better, we’d say she puts the super in superhuman.

Connect with Jen on LinkedIn >

Mariann Hohe


She has built brands with companies such as Nabisco, Pillsbury and Land O’ Lakes. Mariann has a unique brain that excels in both creative and analytical thinking to provide our clients with business-building insights and strategies. She can discover and connect what the brand needs with what the buyer needs—blindfolded.

Connect with Mariann on LinkedIn >

Join SCHERMER and make us even better

We’re out to create the best B2B agency in the world. So, we need to keep adding the best talent to our team. We look for people who are good at what they do and love doing it. If your passion lies in building brands, creating stand-out stories and experiences, and making meaning out of complexity, you might be a perfect fit at SCHERMER. So the question is, can you do B2B better?

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