Getting Story-Driven to Reposition a Legacy Brand to Pioneer Status in the IoT


The internet of getting things done

Digi products make it easy for devices—from industrial robots to heart monitors—to communicate, often under extreme conditions. This Machine-to-Machine (M2M) foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) has been Digi’s business for three decades. How could Digi reestablish its brand in a wildly expanding IoT marketplace—one that Digi itself helped create?

Telling the right story matters

Our research team wanted to know why, amid all the IoT upstarts, customers kept coming back to Digi. Through our proprietary brand workshop, stakeholder interviews, and other discovery tools, we wanted to identify Digi strengths that would provide the foundation for their new brand. It was important to uncover what Digi offered that nobody else did.


Providing performance—no matter what

We identified only Digi was making IoT happen with can’t-fail wireless connectivity when customers built mission-critical applications. All their competitors just talked about the lofty potential of the Internet of Things. SCHERMER updated Digi’s brand strategy, positioning, and the tagline: Connect with Confidence. We helped create Digi’s technology partner story, refreshed their website with UX design and strategy, and produced a short video on the wild potential of IoT and M2M.

Renewing mission-critical connections

“Our rebranding has improved our corporate visibility – given us the consistency, energy, and framework for our communications in all avenues. Also important, our employees wholeheartedly embraced the new brand – not easily done. The corporate video is often cited as the best piece produced that really explains all that we do is a very simple and engaging manner. – Elizabeth Herberg, Director of Marketing

Is your brand strategy and positioning relevant to what you currently offer the marketplace? Maybe it’s time for you to re-energize the story your telling to buyers?

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