SCHERMER + Resideo Win Award for Lead Generation Campaign

SCHERMER earns Silver in the 2020 B2B Marketing Elevation Awards for product launch campaign that exceeded launch objectives and revenue expectations.

In 2018 Resideo spun off from Honeywell, taking with it their residential business while also licensing the Honeywell Home brand for its products. Before and after this transition, SCHERMER remains Resideo’s lead B2B agency for marketing to professional (pro) audiences.

Resideo’s trade channel is a key part of their business, so as Resideo seeks to build lasting relationships with their network of professional contractors and distributors, SCHERMER provides guidance and strategy to build loyalty and enhance awareness of Resideo’s whole-home solutions.

The spring launch window in 2019 gave us the opportunity to provide clarity about this large brand transition, increase awareness of our offerings, and empower our contractors and distributor partners with new growth opportunities.

Our omni-channel approach

We created campaign assets for web (website updates, digital toolkit landing page), videos (training modules that were written and produced by Schermer), emails, print materials, event kits (including training videos, event playbooks, free product, and giveaways), social media.

A typical launch like this would normally take up to  6 months to get ready to go to market. SCHERMER helped Resideo prepare and launch in just 3 short months.

Phase 1 (January and February 2019): Research and development, concepting and creative development.

Phase 2 (March): Production of launch kits.

Phase 3 (April-June): Resideo’s Spring Launch campaign went live in April and May of 2019. Social media campaign continued into early June. Kits were shipped once distributors began hosting events in May, and more events are scheduled through the remainder of 2019.

Goals & Results

Initial goals aimed to schedule 80 in-person events at distributor locations with 25 contractors in attendance at each event (a total of 2,125 contractors).

Through our “New. Now. Next.” efforts, we were able to meet and overwhelmingly exceed those goals. A total of 300 kits were shipped, and 200 events have been completed with 100 more through the end of 2019. This translates to a projected 14,100 contractors trained (47 contractors per event, on average) on Spring Launch products and programs by the end of 2019. Compared to initial campaign goals and objectives, this is an estimated 275% increase in total events hosted and an 88% increase in projected attendance.

Distributor and contractor excitement was high, as 47% of distributors who ordered event kits reordered more to host additional events and get more contractors in the door.

The launch windows have been extremely effective in connecting us with our contractors and distributors. We have experienced a consistent, positive response to the new products and are on track to exceed sales goals. Working with SCHERMER has allowed us to reach big goals. We know they really get us.

Sr. Marketing Communications Supervisor