SCHERMER 2022 | Year-In-Review

2022 was an historic year at SCHERMER. We celebrated our 25th anniversary – longevity that’s rare in our industry, and testament to our resilience, reinvention, and relevance.

Regarding relevance — we are driven by it. Relevance to Revenue is our tagline, and we’re dedicated to helping B2B Brands create resonant and relevant Buyer experiences. In 2022, we implemented new technologies and developed new services, most notably in our ImpactDrive analytics capability, becoming a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Intelligence partner now offering advanced data visualization, reporting solutions, channel optimization.

We also evolved our Connections capabilities, unifying channel, content and creative strategies to reach different buyer personas at their various buying journey stages. This approach helped crush previous best lead results for Red Wing Shoe Company – for the 4th consecutive year.

We also introduced a new practice; SCHERMER For Business. We’re the only agency boasting B2B for B2C expertise, having launched B2B businesses and led B2B marketing for over a dozen B2C companies, including Best Buy For Business, Red Wing For Business, Logitech For Education since 2008. Which helped us win Best Buy Ads in 2022.

We were also named to the Chief Marketer 200 as a Top 25 B2B Brand Engagement agency.