New Clients!

C.H. Robinson
Star Tribune

Three industry leaders have recently enlisted SCHERMER to lead key B2B brand and marketing initiatives;

  1. C.H. Robinson – One of the world’s largest logistics platforms
  2. StarTribune – Minnesota’s largest news and media publisher
  3. EarthDaily – One of the world’s leading space-based sensing and analytics companies

“We love working with clients in new spaces – so it doesn’t get any cooler than working with a space company,” said agency president Chris Schermer about new client EarthDaily. “We love shaping stories for companies dedicated to changing the world for the better; whether it’s satellite data and analytics, news and information, or more efficient and environmental ways to ship and transport”

While EarthDaily is a new client, C.H. Robinson and StarTribune have both worked with SCHERMER in the past. “Partnering with StarTribune and C.H. Robinson again is really gratifying,” said Drew Shaman, VP of Client Service & Strategy. “These companies are changing their industries, and the world we live in, for the better. But it starts with changing conversations, minds, beliefs and behaviors – and that’s where we come in. We’re excited to be part of their mission and inspiring that change.”

Read on to see what we’re working on.

We’re working with Ecolab Life Sciences to define a new B2B brand messaging platform and creative strategy that will drive customer experience across marcom / demand gen campaigns, digital / content programs, and sales interactions.

Digital River selected us to support and refine their new GTM strategy by architecting and launching a global demand gen program for mid-market e-commerce companies interested in expanding their global reach. Campaign runs October 2020 through 2021.

The dudes at Dude Solutions chose us to design and develop an entirely new website experience for facility dudes – UX research / strategy, content strategy / creation, UI design / dev and measurement / optimization. We’re also leading a new marketing campaign to support the website and kick-off 2021.

These prestigious companies selected SCHERMER for our proven ability to create business-driving, buyer-driven experiences. Reach out if you’d like to know more about the amazing work we’re doing for these amazing clients!