Wells Fargo helps
treasuries regain their



  • Take leadership in a changing market situation
  • Create connection plan to identify and reach prime prospects
  • Optimize media strategy to increase lead generation


All it takes is a global financial meltdown to make a company rethink how it manages its cash. After 2008, corporate treasurers and CFOs adopted a far more strategic stance on things like liquidity, forecasting and payments. Wells Fargo Treasury Management looked across the radically changed banking landscape and saw opportunity. The only problem: How to reach the right people in an effective and budget-conscious way.

We discovered that treasurers valued strategic relationships more than services.


We worked with the Wells Fargo Treasury Management team to identify upstream and midstream decision-makers within treasury operations, regardless of an organization’s size or structure. Then, we caught their attention with a connection plan that focused more on treasury opportunities than specific services. We also advised on the media plan and budget, enabling Wells Fargo to make smarter use of its own money. Through marcom and social media, treasury customers found the strategic partner they wanted at Wells Fargo.

Combining high-level messaging
with treasury-related statistics
boosted content effectiveness