October 12, 2017
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Matt Mudra, our Director of Digital Strategy, brought back much more than a swag bag from Digital Summit 2017.

We had a great experience at the Digital Summit in Minneapolis. If you didn’t get to attend, here are some of our favorite takeaways.

Search Engine Optimization

Once again, SEO was a major topic for digital marketers. A ton of sessions on SEO provided really useful insights, such as:

• Google changes its search algorithms 500-plus times per year. If you’re an SEO expert, it’s essential to stay on top of those updates. Moz has a great resource for tracking Google’s algorithm change history. Want to see how those changes affect your website? Fire up the powerful Panguin Tool from Barracuda. Just link the tool to your website’s Google Analytics account, and it automatically identifies how algorithm changes impact your organic traffic.

Searcher intent is a major shift in SEO. Understanding what the user is really looking for—and directly addressing their questions and concerns—will be critical to long-term organic search success. SEO is more than putting the right keywords on your website. You must anticipate the most relevant longer searches that your buyers are actually conducting. Answer the Public is a great tool that helps your content team identify the most searched-for questions on specific topics. Try it out! You’ll get more ideas for expanding your content strategy. And it will help you optimize your web content for successful organic searches.

Voice-enabled search is another major shift. Comscore predicts that, by 2020, half of all searches will be voice searches. Brands need to plan for this change, especially for mobile users. Check out the other voice-enabled search trends collected by Branded3.

Leverage markup in your most important web content. These simple updates help search engines understand what your content is about. Technical SEO experts and their teams should spend some time making sure their content is marked-up appropriately. Beat out your competitors for the most relevant searches!

Digital Media

Another big topic this year. One of our favorite tactics is Dynamic Ad Creative, which helps your business show the right content, to the right buyer, at the right time. Spongecell has introduced a brilliant solution that ties together your DSP, DMP, and a DCP (Dynamic Creative Platform) to personalize advertising content to your buyer. To see the potential of these new solutions for your brand, check out the creative dynamic video campaign Spongecell did with the Tennessee Department of Tourism.

Artificial Intelligence

AI discussions drew some big crowds as well. Minnesota’s own Equals3 introduced a new AI tool named “Lucy”—built on top of IBM’s Watson—that enables marketers and businesses to sift through mountains of data. Lucy significantly reduces the resources needed to make data-backed decisions more quickly.

Publicis Groupe announced that they’re developing an AI-powered personal assistant, Marcel, which will help the company improve collaboration across its team and develop more value for its clients.

While this technology is still maturing, AI-powered tools like these will become commonplace in the future. It’s definitely a trend we’re watching closely at Schermer.

More Amazement To Come

Of course, this is just a tempting sample of the innovation that’s happening in digital marketing. The technology continues to evolve. New solutions will provide more unique and impactful ways to engage your buyers online. Schermer is committed to ensuring that our team, partners, and clients remain up to speed on what’s coming next. Hope to see you all at next year’s Digital Summit!