September 18, 2017
Top TakeAways from #MNMKTG

The Minnesota Marketing Summit brought together some of the most brilliant minds in marketing to chat social media strategies, optimizing the customer experience and everything in between. Here are some of the most important points made at the summit.

1. Listen.

To your audience. To your buyer. To your brand.


2. Be authentic.

In your content, and all around as a brand. More and more customers are expecting (and even demanding) this from brands. Tell your true, authentic story, and your audience will support you for it.


3. Do well by doing good.

Brand loyalty goes beyond purchase, and digs more deeply into what your brand values.


4.  Don’t be distracted by the shiny object.

Don’t jump at every new channel or “the next big thing” right away. Determine whether or not it’s a good fit for you and your audience. If it is, don’t just do it to do it. Take time to do it well.


5. Great content can, and should, be used across platforms.

The best content can be repurposed across platforms. This makes content creation more efficient and impactful. The true challenge lies in finding the connective issue that your brand can own in the marketplace.


6. When you create content, you should have a slush fund.

It’s one thing to repurpose content across platforms, but it’s another to budget for all of those iterations.


7. Hire the right strategic partner for the purpose.

Successful agency/client relationships are built on honesty and context.

Our very own Chris Schermer spoke on the Content Marketing Panel. More on that here >>> Content Marketing Panel featuring Chris Schermer